Whoever rules the Heartland, commands the World


Military deployment in Asia-Pacific is US goal to contain China

The realization of the strategy of each country in national and transnational dimensions, whether in the form of region or trans-region, is formed through key events. The US withdrawal from Afghanistan is one of the key influential events that both...

World order under pressure from China-Russia alliance

The escalation of the rivalry between China and Russia and the failure of the United States in the costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have caused the world of international relations based on World War II and the Cold War to experience many...

The deterioration of the United States is Europe’s best opportunity for political independence

The hasty, unplanned, and catastrophic withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan has rightly raised concerns among its allies who rely on the US military for security. In fact, in such a situation, countries such as South Korea, Japan or...

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