Even if my blog is called Geopoliticians.com, I wouldn’t say about me that I am a geopolitician. In my opinion it’s a big difference between a geopolitician and a specialist in geopolitics (geopolitical specialist).

It is the same difference as between a politician and a political scientist. The politician is that person who influence the society through the decisions he takes, and the political scientist is that person who studies the political system, the exercise of power within a state, the relations between the political parties … So the politician is a man of action, while the political scientist examines the political action.

The prefix “geo” in those two words, geopolitician and geopolitical specialist, does not change the distinction, but warns that the geographical factor holds an important role in influencing the foreign policy of a state (from a geopolitician’s point of view) and holds a significant role in the  geopolitical analysis of the global system (from the point of view of a specialist in geopolitics).

A geopolitician can be a politician (the President of a state, the Prime Minister or the Foreign Minister, etc.) or can be a diplomat.

The geopolitical specialist can be anyone who wants to understand and who can understand how the balance of power between states is influenced by the geographical environment.

Notable in this regard are the words of the French geopolitical specialist, Olivier Kempf, who wrote on his blog: “So now you can understand that I am not a geopolitician, because I never drew lines on a map by moving borders”.