Adrian Corobana

My name is Adrian Corobană. I am a Romanian lawyer, member of the Bucharest Bar.

I am the President of The Romanian Association of Strategic Analysis, Geopolitical Analysis and International Relations (ASAGRI).

I am editor in chief at and, Romanian geopolitical analysis website.

I studied economy, geopolitics and law.

I have two bachelor’s degrees in economy at Bucharest University of Economic Studies, one  in Management (got 2008) and the other in Finance (got in 2009).

In 2010,  I completed  a Master of Science in Geopolitics at Bucharest University of Economic Studies.

Now, I am a Phd candidate  at the National School of Political and Administrative Studies with a research project about the Crimean Peninsula annexation consequences on regional security complexes.

I am the co-author of two books about geopolitics, published in Romanian: “Geopolitical developments in the Islamic space” (Top Form Publishing House, 2012) and “The triangle of geopolitical forces: USA, China and Russia” (Ars Docendi – University of Bucharest Publishing House, 2013).

In 2014, I completed my bachelor’s degree in law at University of Bucharest  with a dissertation in International Public Law: “The recognition of states in international law. Case study: South Sudan”.

Since 2011, I have been invited to Romanian TV shows and radio programs (including Romanian Radio Society) to discuss about different international events.

Some of my geopolitical analysis were published in Economistul (weekly publication of the Association of Economists from Romania), Ziarul Financiar and in one of the most read newspapers in Romania, (Geopolitics blog).

This is my blog, where I write about global events, trying to explain them from a geopolitical and a legal point of view.